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3 Signs You May Have Termites

3 Signs You May Have TermitesOne of the worst things about getting termites in your home is that their home—your wood—is also their food source. So they don’t have to come out and risk being seen in your home, foraging for food the way rodents, roaches or ants would. This can mean it may sometimes be years before homeowners realize that there’s a termite problem, but what are the signs? Here are three big hints that it may be time to call for some Fort Meade termite control.

Wings In The Home

When a colony gets big enough that it’s time to expand, winged males from the colony will leave in search of queens so they can start new colonies. Of course, if these termites are in your house, they won’t get very far, but what they will do is shed their temporary wings. If you’re finding many insect wings in your home, this is a big hint that you’ve got a termite colony trying to grow.

Termite Droppings

While termites don’t need to leave their galleries, because they’re eating the wood, they still leave behind waste, and they don’t like this any more than you would. Termite droppings, or “frass” as it is called, is what termites remove from their homes and push to the outside, not unlike a dumping ground. If you find tiny dark marks, or even small piles of what appears to be dark powder, almost like wood or dust, this may be evidence of termites.

Hollow Wood

This is the ultimate acid test, and very effective if you’re willing to take the time. If you know certain parts of your home, such as beams or joists, should be solid wood, then knock on these areas and listen for the sound you get in return. If areas that should be solid sound hollow, it’s time to call in some Fort Meade termite control and find out how serious your situation is.

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