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3 Parasites That Stay Active During A Maryland Fall

Glen Burnie bug exterminators - 3 Parasites That Stay Active During A Maryland FallWhen fall comes around, a lot of outdoor insects either die off or find places to hibernate for the winter. This includes mosquitoes, which are otherwise a constant problem in central Maryland thanks to the many rivers and wetlands in the area. However, other parasites have ways of staying active even as the temperature drops during winter, and in many cases it’s because you don’t encounter them outdoors. So even if the mosquitoes stop bothering you during a chilly fall nature walk, keep an eye out for the following Maryland-area parasites.

1. Ticks

Ticks are an outdoor parasite like mosquitoes, but there are a lot of differences between the species. Ticks are arachnids, they crawl instead of fly, and they’re much harder to kill in several ways. This includes temperature, because ticks can stay active so long as the temperature is above the freezing point. Maryland has mild winters, and so you can potentially pick up a tick on a December or January day so long as the snow outside is melting.

2. Fleas

Fleas will die when exposed to near-freezing temperatures, so the way they survive is by clinging to warm-blooded animal hosts. However, that only applies to fleas in the wild. Fleas that are already indoors can continue their usual life cycle and continue to infest a warm home or veterinarian’s office. That means you can’t expect winter to end your existing flea problem and you should contact Bugout, the Glen Burnie bug exterminators, to learn more about your options.

3. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs tend to be indoor pests, and they will spread from one bed to another instead of coming in out of the cold. So while the cold can also kill bed bugs, it doesn’t really matter since you won’t encounter them outside in the first place. This means bed bug season keeps going all year round, so remember to wash your sheets regularly and be careful when you stay at a hotel or in a guest room.

Parasites get to stay warm because they spend a lot of their time with warm-blooded animals like dogs, cats, and humans, and as a result many of them can still be a danger in Maryland even in fall and winter. So keep an eye out for parasites in the coming months and be ready to call the Glen Burnie bug exterminators when you spot something.

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