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3 Maryland Pests To Expect This Fall

American pest control in maryland- 3 Maryland Pests To Expect This FallAs the outside temperature drops, Maryland residents turn on their heaters and keep their homes and businesses nice and cozy. Unfortunately, while all that heat keeps the winter chill away, it also attracts bugs, rodents, and all the other pest species that want to stay warm. While you may not have any trouble with most of these pests during spring and summer, they can suddenly become a real nuisance when fall rolls around. Here are just a few of the unwelcome critters American pest control in Maryland can take care of.

1. Crickets

Nobody minds hearing chirping crickets when they’re walking around outside, but they can make a real racket if they manage to get inside. It’s not a serious problem if one or two crickets make their way indoors during the fall season, but if they keep getting in you should get in touch with a company that handles American pest control in Maryland.

2. Centipedes

Not many people like the way centipedes look, and even fewer like how they can deliver a painful sting if they bite you. However, these ground-dwelling insects certainly like the warmth of a home and can often find their way into basements and crawlspaces no matter how sealed you think your home is. Much like crickets, the occasional centipede isn’t much of a problem, but if you spot one every time you go into the basement you should definitely call in the professionals.

3. Spiders

Spiders can actually be a kind of ally against other pest infestations since they eat insects. On the other hand, many people can’t stand the sight of them. Either way, it’s a bad sign if spiders seem to be thriving in your crawlspace or basement. Spiders need a steady supply of food throughout their lives, and if they’re getting it from your basement that means you have a serious infestation problem.

While insects and arachnids do fine out in the fields, lawns, and forests of central Maryland during the summer, many of them seek warmth as fall approaches and a few of them find it heated homes, shops, and other buildings. Expect a lot more indoor insect sightings this fall, and if you see too many you should contact a company like Bugout for American pest control in Maryland.

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