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3 Common Maryland Restaurant Pests

3 Common Maryland Restaurant PestsAt Bugout Termite and Pest Control, our clients include both residential homeowners and business owners who are worried about pests getting into their kitchens, bedrooms, dining areas, and lobbies. Pest control is particularly important for central-Maryland restaurants because a single rat or cockroach can have a major impact on the restaurant’s health score and may open it up to fines and lawsuits.

On the bright side, there are only so many pests in central Maryland that can hurt a restaurant’s reputation. Some of the most common and the signs to look for are on the following list.

Maryland Restaurant Pests

1. Rats And Mice

Household rodents love restaurants because they’re omnivorous and there’s always something to scavenge. Some indicators include piles of droppings, gnawed-on holes in wooden doors and walls, and chewed-up fabrics like towels since mice love using cloth as bedding material.

2. Cockroaches

Like the rodents, cockroaches can scavenge on just about anything. They also have the ability to squeeze through gaps smaller than you’d expect, and that’s saying something about the tiny German cockroach. You can look for them by trying to find tiny cockroach droppings or empty roach egg cases, but your best bet for finding them is to sniff for the distinctive oily smell of cockroaches or try to catch them out by snapping the lights on suddenly.

3. Flies

Flies always seem to show up near restaurants thanks to their love of organic garbage like thrown-out food. But while flies are fine when they stick to the garbage bins, you never want them getting on the fresh food inside the kitchen. Landing on both causes a dangerous cross-contamination, and it gets worse if a fly manages to lay its eggs on fresh meat or fruit.

Rats, mice, roaches, and flies are just a few of the Maryland pest animals that can make life difficult for restaurants in Baltimore and beyond. So if something goes wrong and you need a professional’s touch, call Bugout, Inc. and find out how we can help you.

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