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3 Bite Marks (And The Bugs That Leave Them)

3 Bite Marks (Mosquitos And The Bugs That Leave Them)There are a lot of parasites out there, insects and other creatures that drink your blood in order to survive and thrive. Each species has its own techniques and strategies, and so protecting yourself from them and removing infestations from your home often demands that you know what kind of parasite you’re dealing with.

However, parasites and other insects are also very hard to spot and identify, especially if they prefer to bite in places you don’t normally look or only come out when they think you’re sleeping. If that’s the case, you may want to refresh yourself on which bite marks belong to which parasites.

1. Single Raised Bumps: Mosquitos

If you’ve ever been outside during the summer while standing somewhere other than a desert, chances are good that a mosquito has bitten you at least once. That means you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying the single, itchy bumps that mosquitoes leave behind for each time they feed.

2. Nighttime Rashes: Bed Bugs

Sometimes you can go to sleep and wake up with a new problem, a new ache in your muscles or a new joint pain that forces you to limp to breakfast. It’s possible that a rash can form overnight, but it’s also possible that the cause of that rash is bed bugs. Bed bugs tend to feed together and from one spot at a time, and so it’s easy to mistake the marks they leave behind as a rash. However, if your rash seems to grow only at night and show up in random spots, bed bugs might be the culprit.

3. Bullseye Rash: Ticks (With Lyme Disease)

When ticks feed, they burrow in and stay put for a long time. You usually can’t feel them doing so, but you can spot them with a quick look at your legs after a walk outside. Ticks usually don’t leave much behind once they’re full, but if they do you may notice a circular rash surrounding the point where the tick dug in. If that’s the case, see a doctor immediately because the rash is an early sign of Lyme disease.

There are other biting and stinging insects that leave behind telltale marks on your skin, but these three cover a lot of ground thanks to how common they are. And while you might not need to see a doctor if you experience these symptoms, you may want to contact a pest control service depending on where and when they flare up.

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