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2 Maryland Pest Mammals Beyond Rats And Mice

2 Maryland Pest Mammals Beyond Rats And MiceRats and mice are both well-known pest animals, and for good reason. After centuries of adaptation, both types of rodents have become very good at sniffing out food, hiding in walls, and otherwise staying out of sight while they scavenge food scraps and the occasional pantry. However, these two species groups aren’t the only ones that will dig out a den closer to our homes than we’d like.

1. Tree Squirrels

When people see squirrels on the trees in their yard or along their street, they often see it as a sign that the neighborhood ecosystem is healthy. For the most part they’re right, and since squirrels eat seeds and nuts they usually don’t have a reason to sneak inside someone’s home. They might try to raid a birdfeeder, but they’re too skittish around humans and dogs to get too close to living spaces.

However, squirrels will sometimes make an exception if they happen to find a way into a house through a vent or an open window. After all, an uninsulated attic might feel cold to a person, but it’s a paradise for a squirrel that needs to keep warm over the winter. This can lead to squirrels tearing things apart to make nests, leaving their droppings everywhere, and making a lot of noise as they scurry around overhead.

2. Bats

While bats are more common in the west part of the state, you can still run into them in the suburbs surrounding Baltimore and Washington. Single bats will sometimes wander into homes out of curiosity or to get out of the cold, and when this happens you should close all the exits except a door or window and let the bat escape. You may need to capture the bat to get it outside, and in this case, you should wear heavy gloves before you trap it under a bowl. Bats can carry rabies, so never touch a wild bat with your bare hands.

Occasionally you’ll discover a bat colony living in an attic, but this is most common in abandoned or mostly abandoned houses. Maryland bats are a threatened species, so the best solution is to exclude bats by sealing the house overnight during the migration period between September and October. But while any pest control expert can help you remove a bat from your house, you need to get someone licensed to deal with bat exclusions to get rid of a bat colony.

Bats and tree squirrels join rats, mice, and burrowing mammals like moles as pest mammals that can cause a surprising amount of trouble. Still, no matter what kind of vermin you’re looking at, professionals at Bugout, Inc. and elsewhere can offer timely and effective treatments that can deal with the pest problem.

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